Thursday, January 2, 2014

01022014: Thursday Stitches out, Baking and Friends

Thursday January 2, 2014

01022014 Friend in tank top in CA & temps in Cambridge.
  1. Done - Daily Photo
  2. Done - Daily Food > yogurt/granola, sandwich with B&A, BBQ at He's
  3. Nope - Exercise
  4. Nope - Sewing Building Blocks RSC14 (Jan Blue) - Found out the LQS doesn't have the batting in stock so will need to order online.
  5. Nope - Flylady - Beginning Baby Steps - Day 1: Clean Your Sink - Day 2: Lace Up Shoes Tired after the BBQ didn't do any cleaning up
  6. Yep - Family - A surprised by coming over for lunch, then met him again at BBQ.  Unfortunately though he called later to borrow money.  Oh well. Guess I'm glad he needs money so he comes over....
  7. Yep - Others - Nice to see friends after so long. Hope we can move back east to see the son's more often
  8. Nope - Paperwork
  9. Yep - Vitamins AM PM
7:00 woke
7:30 leave for LJ
8:30 stitches removed and doctor appointment - doctor looked at other bumps got the all clear.
Made Pumpkin Pie, Brownies, Salad.  DS came by for lunch (he had come for a meeting but it was tomorrow). DH did his thing.  Tried to make soup but chatted on phone for too long with B&J and it burned!  Went to BBQ.  DH was in an odd friend but it ended up being okay. DS and his friend came later. Later he called to borrow funds.

I really want to move to East Coast.  To be near new friends, to be where I can walk and see new things, to experience the weather. For a fresh start.


Dr appt 11
  1. Daily Photo
  2. Daily Food
  3. Exercise
  4. Sewing Building Blocks RSC14 (Jan Blue)
  5. Flylady - Beginning Baby Steps - Day 1: Clean Your Sink - Day 2: Lace Up Shoes
  6. Family
  7. Others
  8. Paperwork
  9. Vitamins
  10. Tasks: QG to QB, org emails, categorize in mint

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