Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thu Jan 31: Mild Afternoon and New Rain Jacket

The online friend who got the free sewing machine wrote to me a week or so ago a quote by Mark Twain, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute." Even though in my less than a month here I have seen snow melting, melted, gone, and new snow flakes falling down and collecting on the top of things it wasn't until these two days that I really appreciated the advice.

Last night it was windy, and rainy and by 2pm it was sunny and wonderful again. So far, it's all so new to me I'm loving the changes in the weather in New England! I have been collecting more supplies than I thought I would, but it's been fun.

So today I went to Shaw's again - first to see if they had ScotchGuard - no. (And I stopped in two other drug stores to check too.) I'll have to go to Target - they have it on their website as being sold in stores. Found some chips and laundry soap that will be nice. Then to a different Mervyn's where they had a different selection of jackets. I tried on 7 and bought two as I can return in 30 days for full refund. Then on to Sewfisticated Discounts Fabrics. Got some cotton batting, a cutting mat, and some cotton batik-like fabric (enough to make a second QFK project).

When I headed home it was so windy the bags were uncontrollable!  They were being blown all about.  I had to arrange the cutting mat to be in front just so I could walk.  At one point the wind kept me in place I was not able to step forward!

When I got home DH was just waking up (he has returned from his trip while I was out and about).  He watched as I tried on each of the three jackets I had purchased and help me make a decision - it was the mid-priced one I'll be keeping.  Has easy snaps up the front, two outside snapped down pockets, and a hood and neck deal that I can tighten if I want.

We ate some chips, he told me about his trip.  We watched TV, and I heated some pea soup and the left over pizza from the other night at the restaurant with his friends.  Then watched more TV and vegged out.

I'm still needing ScotchGuard to spray on the bottom of my jeans and shoulders and backs of shirts and jackets - the coat too.  And I think pins and needles are all I need to proceed with the QFK project.

Amazing collection of weather!  Now I have new proper or at least good enough shoes, socks, insulated pant and shirts,  and rain jacket.

Cutting Mat (18 x 24) = $19.99
3 pieces precut sale Fabric:
1 yd @ 1.99           = $01.99
1.25 yd @ 1.99        = $02.49
1.25 yd @ 1.99        = $02.49
1.25 yd @ $7.99 cotton batting 90 in * 45 inches 
                      = $09.99  
Tax1                  = $01.25
Total                 = $38.20

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