Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sat Jan 26: Slow Sewing

I still can't believe that my online friend was able to get me a nicer sewing machine than the one I have in San Diego -  thru Free Cycle!  I plugged everything together, threaded the machine, and started making the Quilts for Kids project that I brought with me from home.  Going well.

I need to get a cutting mat so I can use the rotary cutter that I brought along, but when I left the front door wouldn't lock.  I looked all around -  could not figure it out.  Even called a friend in CA for advice - we couldn't figure it out.  So I stayed in and heated up some soup for lunch, and made a quesadilla for dinner.  A new noise then started in the kitchen - sounded like the microwave but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  Finally I figured that I must have pushed the 'vent on' button instead of microwave power on button - clicked it again and turned the noise off.  Then I was watching TV and the gas fireplace turned on.  I sat and tried to remember when I had last touched the remote for that...  It went off 45 minutes later.

When DH came home he showed me how to push buttons on the side of the door to set it to lock or unlock when closed.  I don't remember touching anything there, but must have done that - so now I know.

And we figured that I had somehow programmed the fireplace to go on at a certain time - so think that it's cleared out now.

Boy, I feel like Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies - trying to understand how this newfangled place works!

DH had a full day at the game design competition - he is the designer on the team.  There is also an artist and a programmer - they are all working well together.

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