Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thur Jan 24: Repairs & Sweet Potato Soup

About a week ago the real estate agent came with workers to look at the chimney.  Apparently when Hurricane Sandy came by the top bit broke so it had to be looked after.  The end to their examination was that they turned off the gas and we were without the wonderful fire ..... until today.

It took several hours for the men to find and fix what needed to be done. While they worked I just surfed....

After they left I started a new soup. I had intended to make potato soup but my hand went to the sweet potato - the yam....  The soup was delicious so I will share the recipe.

June's Sweet Potato Soup

Dice an onion
Dice 3 stocks of celery
Heat pan and put a little olive oil in.
Cook the onion and celery until it starts to turn brown.

Scrape the skin off and dice one sweet potato (the orange kind - about 7 inches long)
Add to the pan, stir.

Add about 2 T vegetable stock concentrate and about 4 cups of water.

Cover and simmer until soft.

Use potato masher to break up the potato.

Serve.  Delicious.  It's a sweet warm wonderful soup and I recommend it!

We had it with the last of the salad fixings - greens, tomato, celery, carrot - sprinkled with celery seed before adding the dressing.

Add a glass of red wine - a wonderful meal on this cold, cold day.

DS called to check in and get some information on a task he has while we are away.  Later my friend H called to chat and get caught up. Perhaps she will take my friend staying in our house out to the movies so that is nice.

DH told me he was taking part in a game development competition thru MIT and will be gone for the evening Friday and all of Sa and Sun so I wrote my online friend to see if I could pick up the sewing machine she has arranged for me to use. - Much earlier than I was thinking I'd get it.  We'll see.  If we can't get the machine then I will get some books to read.  It supposed to snow in the evening so I don't think I'll want to be out and about!

DH received something in the mail today and he has not set things up so we can get Netflix, Amazon Prime and some segments of national new shows. So once he shows me how to do things that will be nice.

I have been reading on how to make polar fleece scarfs - then on to those hats with face cut outs and other cute little things that can be done by hand with the fleece scraps that I got from the volunteer event on Monday.  Will be nice to have my face covered a bit more so my nose does not freeze off!

Now watching Downton Abbey - catching up on missed episodes!

Added later:  Online friend said she would be at home tomorrow so we are going to meet around 10am!  While watching the show I pulled out embroidery floss and needles and sewed two scrap, roughly cut rectangles of fleece together (blanket stitch two times) to make a loop - now I have something to slip over my head and then fold and pull up to protect my face from the cold.  I'll improve how it looks with the next attempt, but it will work I think for now!  Sweet!

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