Friday, January 25, 2013

Fri Jan 25: Car Trip and Meeting an Online Friend

We have not been in a car for a few weeks now, it felt old-fashioned or old-head to get into one today.  DH found he would rent one for the day for $25!  So we got up earlier than usual and went to the rental place, it's just a little bit bast Central T station.  I was glad to have the black neck gator that I made the other day.  We got in the car and made our way to meet up with an online friend who managed to get a nice Singer sewing machine for me for free thru Freecycle!  40 minutes in the car would have taken 6 hours by a combination of public transportation.

She was very, very nice, the machine looks great (I have yet to plug it in) in fact better than the one I have in San Diego!  She also presented us with two mug rugs - will be so nice to have in Cambridge and beyond!

We took her and her two sweet grandkids out to lunch - there was a place right down from the place we met her.  It was really nice to meet her in person and to hear about how she and her husband settled in MA.

When we returned, DS left to participate in a game development competition at MIT.  I did some laundry and bookkeeping.  Fixed myself a quesadilla for dinner and fell asleep.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day. Hope you get some stitches in with the new machine.


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