Monday, January 21, 2013

Mon Jan 21: MLK Day of Service and Snow

 "We are made for this moment, and we will seize it - so long as we seize it together."

I had a nice time at the Cambridge MLK Day of Service - they were well organized but ran out of supplies so had to send people out to get more.  If I had had a car I could have done that - but instead I chatted with a nice lady from Quincy while we waited.  I helped make some ER play kits, but spent most of the time with the fleece helping sort out the scraps into different sizes and getting the colors the really artistic people requested.  I made a few blankets too but mine were plain - it was more fun to sort and help get people what they needed.

I stopped by that quilting store that was having the classes that I wrote about before, on the way home.  The fabric for the embroidery class is interesting.  The design is printed on the fabric, but once the fabric is washed the silver paint dissolves.  

They mostly have knitting supplies in the store - guess they are trying to increase their quilting presence or maybe quilting wasn't enough so they are pushing the yarn and needles.  

Makes me want to knit.  

Maybe someday I'll connect with that - but not now....  Fabric at quilting stores is so expensive - I can't imagine paying $10 to $20 a yard and then just cutting it up.  It would be hard to pay that much to make practice learning to sew clothes from too. Oh well.

It actually was snowing tonight!  Bernie needed a break when I came back so he came with me to the store - we went to the Shaw's store that I found yesterday while looking at the discount fabric places. There were clothing stores nearby too so I got a pair of long under ware and a shirt, B got a hat and muffler, and we got a bunch of food and walked back thru the 1 inch of snow while it was snowing.  We each held one of the straps of the bag so the task of carrying the food was shared.  We stopped for some Indian food at a place very near us, then just got in now.

We remembered that we had meant to get milk at a closer to us place - so we are almost out of that.  If the snow is high then I can't go out as I only have shoes - B has some worker boots so he could maybe go get some milk - but we are okay without milk for a few days. We have a bunch of yogurt that we can put on the oatmeal so B can have milk in his coffee!

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