Monday, January 28, 2013

Mon Jan 28: Not a lot

Not successful
I'm sleeping in too much.  These late starts make it difficult to be productive.

So today so far all I have done it try my hand at making Polenta with Mushrooms.

I didn't have parsley.  I added carrots just to have a different color in the mix.

It was filling and satisfying, but looked a lot better really than it tasted.  I haven't really had polenta, so I'm not sure if there was a problem with the way I prepared it, or it that is just how polenta is.  It reminded me me a breakfast cereal, as it cooled it got less creamy and more like a solid.

I have about about 1/4 cup left in the package of polenta, so I might try this as a side dish and add more vegetables and liquid when I do the cooking.

DH showed me how to access Netflix and other things on the TV, it started snowing while we were doing that, so he talked himself out of going out to a meetup - while I was talking myself into going with him to Porter Square and spend time looking around, shopping and getting a cup of coffee while he was at the meetup.  He took a nap, then when he woke I talked him into going out while it was still snowing to get our library cards and for dinner.

This dog was leaping in the air chancing
the snow his friend was tossing up in the air.  
I didn't capture a leap, but did get the wagging tail....
We are so close to the main Cambridge library - it has long hours - lots of places to sit in the sun and read.  Will be fun to go there and be able to check things out too. He said he felt better but still didn't want to go to the meetup.

Then we walked on S & S Deli.  He got scallops and I got a wonderful chicken with candied pecans and blueberry vinaigrette salad.

Back home we watched the missing Downton Abbey episodes so tomorrow we can watch the one for this week.  With Amazon Prime we could actually pay ahead and see the entire season if we wanted to!

I called home but C wasn't near phone so didn't connect.  It's midnight, I'm going to try to go to sleep.

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  1. Sounds like a full day. Hope your guy isn't coming down with something. The flu and stomach virus are spreading like wildfire here.


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