Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sun Jan 27: Little more sewing and Walk to MIT and Pizza

I used a pencil and drew my cutting lines so I could sew some of the 4-patches for the Quilts for Kids project. If I had planned my time better I could have walked to get the batting and the cutting mat - but instead I made some calls and sent text messages.

Was hoping to have lunch with someone from San Diego now living in RI but that didn't work out.  I decided to walk to MIT instead of taking the T - it took less than 30 minutes.  Was a nice walk - I brought my coat in my backpack and just had light jacket on.

There were 22 teams at the game competition - it took three hours to see all the projects - what fun.  Very creative ideas and interpretations.  I'm glad I got to see it.

Then we took the T and met friends at the end of the red line in Alewife - there is a nice pizza place just steps away from the station.  We each got a different individual pizza - then shared pizza so we got a variety.  There were many left over slices - but the dessert menu had a photo of an apple topped cranberry bread pudding that was calling to me - so we got a serving to split.  Man, was that tasty!  I don't even like bread pudding - I thought it was a pecan bar from the photo - but it was really good.

More importantly, it was fun to get to chat with J and B.  DH and J will be going to RI this week to see J's house that is under construction.  Will be a nice trip...  Nice for them to get to be together with the ladies....

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