Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thurs Jan 17: Around Harvard and Cooking

Well, maybe this blog is not about the quest for quilts after all - maybe for a while at least it will be about my life on the East Coast.

Today the snow had pretty much melted by the time we woke up.

I went to the store with the idea of getting some milk, but as so often happens, carried back more things. So instead of oatmeal, we decided to make french toast with the challah bread I had picked up.  Next time I will soak it for longer, but the bread was so fresh that it still tasted wonderful with the egg coating, the maple yogurt and fresh blueberries!  

Then we went down the street to the Harvard Art Museums and visited the exhibits open.  Turns out if we had brought our library cards it would have been free admission - but since we don't have the library cards yet we paid and were happy to see everything.  The selection of Buddhas was incredible.  It was fun to see the pottery and rocks, they had a wonderful display.  I haven't seen much Korean work before, it has a starkness that was very appealing.  Then it was on to modern and contemporary exhibits.  Fun to see Picasso, Mondrian, Pollock, Cezanne and more.  The 4th floor is the teaching exhibits set up for the Harvard classes.  Interesting to see what pieces were on display - what a treat for the professors and the students to have such a customize display. I know I'll be going back once I have my library card and plan it so I can be part of the docent tours.

We used an iPhone app to try to identify different buildings on the Harvard campus, but the interface was lacking or the data was lacking so we ended up just walking around again.  

Then it was time for DH and DS's favorite - Dunkin Donuts for regular coffee (milk and sugar).

After that we went to the Harvard Bookstore - not associated with the university - it was a terrific bookstore - at the end we discovered they had another floor that was filled with used books!  Another place to return to later.

Grabbed some lemonade and ginger ale at the store on the way home.

I made a nice mixed salad and grilled some chicken to put on top.  The ingredients were from different companies so the taste of the dressing was not what I expected.  It was okay, but just didn't taste the way I expected.

Bagged Parisan Greens
String Beans

Rice Vinegar
French Mustard
Olive Oil

Marinated for about ten minutes in the dressing minus the oil then grilled until done.  Diced and put in container so we could scoop up and put on top of the salad.

The gas stove is wonderful - very quick to heat and cook.
The water is delicious right from the tap, heats up quickly and comes out with a lot of force.
It's wonderful to be able to walk to get to businesses and places one wants to visit!
And even more wonderful to be here together with DH and DS - they are both so quiet most of the time that I have become quiet to make them happy - but quietly it's wonderful to be together.

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