Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sun Jan 20: Day-to-day Existence

We woke early to take A to airport.  The cab came at 6:30am - unlike the way they do it in San Diego, this cab driver company did not ring the phone so we only noticed him outside when looking out in worry....

We are even closer to the airport than we are in San Diego - we were there in like $15.  There was a problem with the payment (usually B pays by clicking online, but the cab driver wasn't told about this so it took a lot of extra time.  A and I chatted a little while he got his boarding pass - then it was time for him to leave so he said bye to B on the curb and left while we had to stand around longer to meet the taxi driver again as only the tip and fee for cab magic (I think that' s the name of the program B used) came thru.  After a while it seemed he wasn't coming back.  B said he could (and he did) take care of it online when we got back.

It was easy to take the T back to home.  On the way we stopped at a new to us bakery, Lyndells.  We had coffee and treats.  Decided to plan the shopping list for the rest of the food we'll need so went straight home.

After a rest I started looking at the various lists of new menus that I've been saving - picking a few and starting to make a list.  Then I decided to do a complete inventory of the spices in the cupboard. We have a wide range of things - only need a few things.

I decided to go out to the discount fabric stores to check them out while B worked on his online class that his taking.

It didn't seem to take long at all to get to Sew Low Discount Fabrics.  It was a big store, with piles of fabric.  The pile labeled cotton didn't seem to really all be cotton, and they didn't have colors or designs I had thought of so after looking it all over (and seeing they sell needles and other notions) left to see Sewfisticated Discount Fabrics.  In that same little strip mall there was a Dollar Store.  I went in to see what they had and got some drain cleaner and shelf liner so I can put the glasses upside down and can line the drawer where I put my shirts so they won't snag as quickly.  Then to the fabric store.  I liked this one a lot more plus they had quilting rulers and more types of batting.  The fabric had different designs and colors than I was thinking of so I didn't buy anything.  Went on to a sporting goods store and saw they had possible hat for B - nice and stretchy without a tassel on the top.  Then there was a Shaw's grocery store to explore!  The produce looked nice and there was a wider variety of grocery choices than I'm used to.  Aisles of foods for different nationalities.  It was interesting.  I got some potatoes, onions, salad mix, cheese tortillas, salsa, blueberries - I think that's it.  Packed it all in the backpack and walked back.  I got distracted with things so didn't keep track how long it took me to walk - I hadn't walked on that section of Cambridge Blvd before so it was interesting to look in windows.  Also, A texted when he got to San Francisco (2691 miles away) and the student left message to let me know he was working with my mom.

When I got home B greeted me at the door with some hot tea he had made for me.  Using "Find Friends" app he could see that I was returning back.  So that was nice.

We heated the left over pizza from last night (seems a long time ago) and ate that for late lunch.  Then I turned on the TV and watched some shows - mainly waiting for Downton Abbey.  We heated some premade pea soup - I toasted and buttered some bread and cut into 1 inch squares to put on top - also sauteed some onion slices to put on top of the soup too.  We ate while watching the show.  We had missed a few episodes but think we are filled in now.

C wrote to let me know she picked up A and went out to lunch with him before he left for his apartment.

So that was pretty much the day - changing to real day-to-day existence here now.

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