Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wed Jan 23: More Sleeping in and Oh My Brie & Fig Stuffed French Toast

So I'm still on some strange sleep schedule.  Probably because the days are so open ended and unplanned.  Went to bed at 1am as some work came in at midnight when I was going to go to bed, woke up to finish cleaning the kitchen, then grabbed a book to read in bed an work up at 1pm!  Crazy.

Last night we had purchased some challah bread so I tried to copy a delicious stuffed French bread that we had had at S&S Deli.  The photo I took doesn't do it justice so next time, here is what I did:

Brie and Fig Preserve Stuffed French Toast

Cut the bread in 1 to 1/25 inch slices.
Put in mixture of 5 eggs and about 1/4 c milk to soak.
Turned over and put two think slices of brie and about 1 T of the preserves on one side, then topped it with another piece (egg side in).  Then I returned it to the egg mixture to soak some more.

Preheat oven to 300.

When the four sandwiches were done, I put a little butter in the pan and put the sandwiches in the pan to brown (turning them to try to seal the cheese in with egg but that didn't really work).  

Put the pan in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Served with unnecessary butter and syrup.  Delightful to have as a first meal of the day (around 2:30p).  If I was having company I would add some sausages and fruit.  We were so late with eating I thought it would be best to just eat!

I almost dropped the entire pan getting it out of the oven as I only had one hot pad - I won't do that again!

After cleaning up I did laundry and more dishes. In addition to our stuff, I'm trying to go thru and wash everything that is in the apartment. I am putting things I do not think we will use in As room for now - then will box it up I think and carry to the basement. If we need something I can retrieve it again. I did a version of this clearning at our house in San Diego to make it nicer for my friend staying there, so it will be good to get rid of the duplicates and things I just won't use from here too.

The bed here is a queen (we just switched from a king to a queen in San Diego), it was so easy to wash the sheets and the duvet cover in one load. We are really liking having the conforter. I did not wash the comforter as I wasn't sure what it is stuffed with. I'm thinking polyester as there are no bumps when I feel it.

In the evening, when it was something like 4 degrees we decided to take a walk to the store.  I needed something to drink and B wanted chips.  We stopped into the little food store on the way to Whole Foods (that's where B got the chips before).  The little store was nice, had a good selection of canned and boxed food - and drinks.  We went into Whole Foods and I asked where the restroom was, and was told it was for employees only so to me that's another reason to not go to Whole Foods - so I won't be back there again.  I ran back to the house and B got his chips and went back to the little store for the cranberry uice.

We the left over pea soup I made when A was here and a salad for dinner.  Then we set the over to self clean the mess up from lunch.  B went to bed but I felt like I needed to supervise the oven cleaning so I stayed up and then slept in the living room with the TV on.  (I found a quilt earlier today folded under our bed so that made it quite nice.)

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