Friday, January 18, 2013

Fri Jan 18: Sunny sky does not mean it's warm

I think today was the coldest day yet!  (can't count the day it snowed as I stayed inside on that one).  I finished the laundry then slowly the others got up and I made peanut butter and banana oatmeal.  I didn't know our DS doesn't like peanut butter and banana oatmeal, but now I do.  He ate it all - just asked if there was peanut butter in it.  I thought it was because he liked it but DH said it was because he didn't like it.....  I didn't know as usually it's DH who puts the different tastes in the oatmeal.  It's didn't spoil the day, but I feel foolish for not knowing that about my own son!

We started out for the T - then felt the cold and went back and put more clothes on.  I changed out the polar fleece jacket for a full length wool coat, DS put a pair of sweat pants on under his jeans, and DH didn't have anything more to put on so he just waited.

Then we started off again for the T.  We went to Central Square and were able to all three walk together for most of the time.

We transferred at Park for the green line and got off at Copley Square.  Saw South Church, Trinity Church, Hancock Tower, the wonderful Boston Public Library, then stopped at a Pub in the Lenox Hotel to warm up and eat.  Yum!  I had delicious Guinness Onion Soup Better than French onion soup because "Guinness is good for you," topped with herbed croutons, melted white cheddar & Swiss and was very happy.  Then it was on to the Prudential Building skywalk to see an overview of the city.  We could see we had only explored about half of the view (but I think we have seen the most outstanding parts.)  Then it was time to get back to the T to meet our friends at the Harpoon Brewery for a WPI alumni event - very nice way to spend evening trying out different kinds of beer.  After we went to No Name restaurant for seafood.

Tomorrow is DS's last full day here.  Perhaps he will return over spring break so that would be nice.  We have also invited him to come with us for our summer travels... more on that later.

He told me he had a nice time and that although we could have done more things, it was good to not run ourselves ragged being tourists.

My online friend it turns out does not have an extra sewing machine, so I emailed the lady who was selling her's on Craig's list to see if I could still get that.

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