Monday, December 21, 2015

A finish - at least for now. Pajama Bag

Of course it's not just a quilting project.  It's not just 
that this is a pajama bag, it's the whole thing of 
adding a new person to the family and continuing
 the few traditions we have had, and adding new 
ones.  New excuses to spend time with each other 
and get caught up and to learn by listening to 
others. Getting a fresh new start on everything.

This is mainly just in my head as there is rarely 
time to discuss with others, but hopefully things 
will calm down and there will more quality time 
in the future.
This first version of the pajama bag is finished! The project took a lot of thinking and reading. And then there were twists and turns too.

I had thought I'd free hand or paper piece a Christmas tree for the front, and that it would be a quilted and lined bag.

But then I remembered I had a bunch of felt and since the other pajama bags were made of felt thought it would be better to use that.

I had thought I'd use a zipper to close the top, but when I tried to sew it seemed that the felt would pull apart so that attempt was cut off.

In the end, I found some lovely red and green tumblers I had cut a while back, I put them together and quilted the blocks on the felt following tips from Candace at Saltwater Quilts. I followed her suggestions to get the modern quilting on my little bag - click here to see her detail photo of the design. This was a good practice for the larger quilt I have basted already.

I FMQed 'Maria' three times to help it stand out and added a little tree with garland so it was more centered.

Then I added the sweet little charm Heidy at Red Letter Quilts just sent me.

I thought I had snaps as my backup closure, but when I looked closer saw the snaps I had from my mom were corroded so unusable. That is why it's just finished for now. I will either find snaps I can use, or figure out something to close the top a little better. But for now the bag part can be tucked under the top and it works!

Candance and I were emailing about my other tumbler and she said in one of the emails I am sure whatever you decide to do will look great, and that some how freed me to go ahead and get a pajama bag done.

Thank you for your encouragement!

I had started the day by going on a ranger led tour of Mission Trails.  It was a little one mile walk, so interesting to learn about the history and to have plants pointed out to me.

I remembered a bit and shared with my husband when I returned, but I didn't take photos of those things.

There is type packrat that builds these houses made of tree branches and other things.  She collects future food and shiny things and keeps bring these things back, then when the area is full, she builds
another room so she can add more!  She urinates on the stuff and that preserves things.  She lives alone except when she has babies. Two at a time.  They live with her for just a short while then she puts them out so they are on their own and she has the place to herself again..  The males also build these houses but they do not collect things so theirs are smaller.  Some scientists took one of these nests apart and were able to date the rooms and items inside.  They found that some where over a hundred years old!  The rat itself will only live around three years.  After she is dead then one of her children will move in and take over the house.  I'll have to listen again to be sure of the details.

The ranger also pointed out two types of Oak trees.  One had the typical leaves that are shiny of top, sort of cup in and underneath are fuzzy.  The other kind of tree she said was endangered - my ears perked up as I wondered if that was type we have in our backyard. Ours is more bushy since I had it trimmed, definitely isn't as grand looking as the one she pointed to.  I'm going to bring some leaves to double check and see if I can get the tree identified.

It was a lovely way to start the Sunday.

Then I had a special lunch and time with a friend from out of town.  She dropped me off at the Little Italy trolley station and then went to the airport to return her car and leave for home.

After a bit my husband came, then our son and DIL.

We all met downtown to see the San Diego Parade of lights last night.

It was silly to see the boats with their light displays, dancing Santa's and elves shouting out - when I say Merry you say Christmas, or San and Diego.  Silly fun.

Afterwards we walked through Little Italy and picked a restaurant to share a meal together.  We walked to the trolley again and took that to our different stops to get back in our cars.

So the day was a success.

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