Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Possible Projects for 2016

  • Continue going through old projects and finishing them up!
  • Stash Bee - I think I will be part of hive 8!  We'll make one block for each other each month. Supposed to be that we can mostly use stash, and block would be finished within a few hours.  Each person in the group will be leader for a month.  That means they will decide on the block for others to make, and they will receive the blocks at the end of the month.  My month is July!
  • Cultural Fusion Rail Fence QAL - The Cultural Fusion Book has given me a shot in the arm and rekindled my quilting.  
  • Ad Hoc Improv Quilters - a Monthly challenge to report on finishes or ideas.
  • Read blogs by Liberated Quilters, Improv Quilters
  • Attend monthly (third Saturday of month) sewing sessions
  • Attend Quilts for Kids sessions and contribute quilts
  • Attend Days for Girls sessions and contribute sewing
  • Continue updating the QuiltQuest blog
Not Quilting
  • Continue to lose weight and get in shape
  • Continue to go thru garage and closets: See what we have, organize, etc.
  • Have people over for social events
  • Continue walking at least three days a week with friends
  • Read books


  1. This looks like a great list of goals. Without goals, the days just seems to disappear. I got a dog to help motivate me to walk. Now he reminds me to walk every single day.

    1. The list is already changing, but I keep doing something so guess that is good. We enjoyed babysitting our son's little dog over the holidays, so I know what you mean about being reminded to walk! : )


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