Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Archived December 2, 2015: 2012 Dream Online Projects

These are things I was interested in during 2012.  The projects involving free motion quilting were the main focus.

Some of these links are so bad the images do not even appear anymore.

Moved here as part of the blog clean up project 12-2-2015.


Worked on these
Almost done - the last step wasn't clear so the blocks are still waiting to be joined.
I'll have to rip out what I did and figure it out... (once I refind the blocks in the garage that is!)

My FMQC Progress
Done - I completed all the challenges.

Liberated Round Robin 2
I didn't get far on this quilt, was blocked as I hadn't finished the first one!

Read the blog posts - done!

Nothing for this year.

Easy Street:  Saving the pieces to this challenge to learn from the directions!

Didn't do this after all.

It Just Takes Two:
My goal was to download and learn from the directions - Done!

Saving this for another year.

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