Monday, December 7, 2015

Quilt Group Holiday Party

My monthly quilting group will not be sewing this month, instead we met at someone's home, brought food for potluck, and put gifts on a table - these were picked out later.

I forgot to take a photo of my gift.  It was to be between $15 and $20 and quilt or chocolate related.
I went with a friend who had invited me to the group to Tuesday Morning to get gift.  Now I would know what to get, but this first time was nice to go with her to get things.  I ended up with 8 fat quarters, a jelly roll, and 4 one-yard packets - all the same set of bright colors and fabric line.  I am not familiar with the fabric so hope it will wash up and sew nicely.

Wrapped gift

Roasted Cauliflower

Customized Carrot Cake
 I made two dishes to share. Roasted cauliflower was a hit.  I added some tomatoes and parsley to make it look a little more festive.  The Carrot cake started with a boxed mix, but instead of following the directions I added sour cream, crushed canned pineapple and juice, diced apple, crushed toasted almonds, vanilla.  (So no eggs or oil)  It bakes up nicely.  I added sour cream to a can of frosting and put that on top.  The cinnamon sugar didn't make it look very festive but it was all I could think of!  Only a third of this was eaten, but there were many other desserts that were so delicious, I don't think people didn't like this, but it wasn't as pretty as the other offerings.

Living Room
BackYard BBQ and Frig
Sideyard Fireplace

Food before it was unveiled
Food at the end
The final WIP of the year.  (someone else's work)
The food was arranged in an L on the kitchen counter.  It was a really nice display.

The cutest easy dish looked like a wreath.  She had put a little dish of dressing in the center then arranged sugar snap peas around that.  She added a few tiny tomatoes to complete the visual effect.

The new to me dishes were two rolls with combinations of ham, cheese, and one had I think egg at the bottom.  They were baked together not sandwiches.  I hadn't seen or heard of these before.

Someone made or bought different cookies, and arranged them on a plate with dipping sauces.  One was made with cool whip and pumpkin.  The other was cream cheese, pineapple and dates.  I've seen these on Pinterest, but hadn't had before.  Quite fun to have a dip for cookies!
I've noticed that at lunch at the sewing group people bring projects to share, but didn't realize that each time someone does that they get a ticket.  So next year I will finish things so I, too can be eligible for this drawing.  The prizes were a $75 gift card at a local quilt shop, then bali strips, and bali fat quarters.  This last WIP that was shared was pieced by one person and quilted by another who is starting up a long arm business.  Her quilting has really improved in the last year that I have been seeing her work.  The rule on the deal is that it has to be a project that was started the year before or before that. Most everything I have started is from at least a year ago or older so if I concentrate on finishing things (first thing on my list of possible 2016 projects) I will get several tickets for next year's drawing!

The gifts are put on a table, then this year the order to pick was by each person's middle name.  My Ann was the second to draw.  My first package was a Christmas ornament with a quilt theme and two zippered bags with one clear side.  The other people knew the ornament company.  I guess they collect them.  When it's your turn you can either pick a new package or steal from some one who had already opened the package.  After three times a gift is frozen and it's safely yours.  I was glad that someone who really wanted the ornament stole mine, and I was able to get these nice mainly blue fat quarters instead!

What I ended up bringing home!
So that was my first Quilt Group party.

I sort of wish we'd had our name tags on, as it would have made it easier to remember people's names.  During the monthly meeting we really don't have a lot of time to chat and get to know each other, so it was very nice to get to know the ladies a little more at the party.

There were about 20 - 25 people there.  And I asked for the number of charity quilts completed.  The lady said she didn't know the exact number but it was around 50.  I turned in one quilt and spent one day just cutting kits for the quilts so I guess I made a good contribution to the group.

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