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Archived December 2, 2015: 2010 Online Quilting Projects

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2010 - This is the year I really started quilting! Without my noticing, people had been posting photos and sharing tutorials and ideas for some time.  I was going thru things in a closet and found some sewing projects I had started a long time ago.  I went to the computer first to see how I could give the items away, but soon got distracted by finding all the blogs and websites about quilting.

In particular I found out about Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project, liberated quilting (Gwen Marston and the yahoo group), Sophie's Block Lotto Project and the concept of charity quilts.

Free Motion Quilting Project
I discovered Leah Day's site and finally felt like I could finish the quilts I had pieced together around 1990.  The local shops didn't have classes in actually how to do the quilting so I was at a stand still.  The idea of hand quilting made me box things up and put them away.  But Leah's clear directions enabled me to get going on actually learning the skills needed to finish a quilt.
I found her site when she was making this post:
Piecing was not enough for me, for me to continue I needed the information that Leah was sharing.

I discovered the Block Lotto via the yahoo group for liberated quilting and entered blocks every month during 2010.  It was the year she focused on liberated blocks and I was in my element!

It was so much fun to see what the challenge would be, and what colors would be required.  I won blocks two times!  I learned a lot, but after two people said they hadn't received my mailed blocks it wasn't as much fun.

Quilts for Kids
I found Quilts for Kids and finished my first ever quilts for them.  It was so liberating to receive the fabric kit and to mainly be able to practice my free motion quilting skills.  I thought when I sewed them that I would be making lots of quilts, that hasn't happened, so it's a little sad that I don't have these quilts for my own family.  I'll just have to make more!  During part of 2015 I went to a local group where we sewed quilts, I am just now finishing up the quilting and binding for those.

For another time to do:

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