Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Archived December 2, 2015: 2013 Dream Online Projects

Projects for 2013

Moving here as part of the blog rearrangement.  I spent most of this year in a rented home, I did make and finish a Quilts for Kids project and I started a quilt for my husband.  He came in and saw the pieces and immediately had a different vision for the quilt.  It was easy to pack away to revisit later.  Perhaps 2016 the quilt will be completed!

I won this book in an online giveaway, and was very interested in learning how to embroidery.  I spent most of the year on the East Coast and left the book for my crafty friend to explore.  She made an alphabet sampler for her French granddaughter!  I had brought embroidery thread with me, but didn't have the book. Wasn't confident enough to just try to do some.  I'm not sure if I will ever do though now.

Scrap Quilt Series - Santa's Rising Sun Quilt
Free monthly block!
I misunderstood and thought there would be a multiple set of blocks to build one quilt, but it turns out she posts one block a month.  There is a fee to access previous months blocks.

Pile O' Fabric
Pile of Fabrics: 2013 Skill Builder Block of the Month This was their first year, and the blocks were free.  Some year I may go ahead and do one of their new projects, the one for 2015 looks like it would be challenging and I would learn a lot.

While on the east coast my husband and I tried the 5:2 diet - here is a site I thought I'd get lots of ideas from: (She stopped doing the diet after making the cool graphic...  But here is a link to her recipes:  By the way both my DH and I lost 20 pounds during 2013.  Unfortunately, we gained it back after returning to our regular life and home in 2014.  But happily in 2015 we again went on diet and are making better progress with way less stress.

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