Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Archived December 2, 2015: 2011 Dream Online Projects


Moved here as part of the blog rearrangement.

During this year I was sewing a bit almost everyday and was making a lot of progress in my development as a quilter.

Friday's Block Party
For a lot of the year I would find an post blocks and others would interpret and make them.  The leader and I would pretty much alternate weeks things were posted.  She usually picked traditional blocks, while I picked blocks where the results would end up looking like an animal.  I tried to just use two colors in each block but that got a little boring so I kept the same background color and started using different colors.  I can't remember why this all stopped.  I think it would be good perhaps to have all the cutting done ahead of time, then it would be easy to do new blocks each week.  I'm still looking for these blocks.  They will make a great baby quilt!

I was active on the Yahoo Liberated Quilters group, and started the first Liberated Round Robin project - it ran during the spring and summer.  Beautiful projects resulted.

I tried posting pictures for this blog but just didn't follow thru....

Says Who?  Fabulous quilt - definitely one I want to make:

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