Monday, December 7, 2015

December Nights 2015

The first weekend of December, the folks at Balboa Park arrange December Nights.  The museums are all open, there are lots of vendors selling mainly food, and the UN little houses make different food and put on entertainment to celebrate and honor their previous countries.  Recently they have added a 'fun' zone and an area to drink and taste different wines and beers.

We have been going to this event pretty often for the past 30-years.  I don't have many photos and none of my husband unfortunately fro this year's event.

This year was especially nice as my husband and I left early so it was easy to park.  We went to a Goodwill that was new to us and each got a few items that we either wore or packed in the car before going to the park.  We had some lunch there and walked around.  Then when I thought son and DIL had parked I walked to meet them but it turned out they weren't walking they were still in car trying to park.  It was good when we finally met up with them.  The best part of the evening was at the Swedish center where we stood around a table, had glogg and chatted.

I recorded a new record number of steps: 22,162!

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