Thursday, December 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Giving Credit

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Yesterday I read a lot of blogs and updated my own as a result.  The links to at least several of the people I had sort of been following seemed out of date, and things just needed a good freshening up.

Shasta wrote to a group we belong to asking what projects we were going to work on in the coming year.  There are even more choices to pick and choose from than the year before, but I made a little list.  It's so difficult to make a list when there are just so many wonderful online and offline projects to consider! and one wants to be flexible and change when life changes too.  Already I can tell, I put too many things on the list.

Shasta posted today about a pretty Christmas tree quilt she had made earlier in the year. I remember seeing it before on her blog.  A fun quilt with patriotic colored trees. Hope your click to see it!

Anyway, in her post she links back to Throwback Thursday and I clicked to see that posting too. Jenn has reminded me to take time to have fun over the holidays, so I thank her for that!

I have decided to take this time to first share somethings from my Mom.  She passed away last year.  So naturally, I've been thinking about her a lot.  She gave this wall hanging to me. I usually hang it on a tree branch and then tack it to the wall during December.  Some years I have kept it up all the year, but it's really special for Christmas time.  She made me many expertly made outfits to wear, but this is the only quilt she gave me.  I believe she only made two quilts.
Please click to see the detail!
Really signed an dated!
 She also gave us lots of these Christmas dishes.

I pulled them out after reading Jenn's post to start using for the month.  It's not as easy as it once was to find replacement pieces now, but I think better to use them, than to keep them boxed away.

There is a special plate for Santa's cookies and different designs on some of the mugs.

I remember when Mom saw these reindeer at Robinson's the year we moved into our current home.  She was so excited, and had me take the elevator up so I could take the escalator down and slowly see the grand Christmas display.

She said she wanted to give them to us to have something to remember her by each Christmas.

Like I would forget her and need reminding.

I was so afraid when she gave them to me though. I imagined our baby would fall and poke his eye out!  I have a photo of the-just-beyond-toddler him somewhere, sitting on the one with horns like it was a pony. We would place the deer by the tree and put a little finger dish full of glitter reindeer food for the one looking toward the ground.

Mom used to put these smaller ones on an end table at Christmas time.

She liked reindeer.

Ever since I can remember, an anticipated present each year from my Mom & Dad was a fresh pair of pajamas tucked away in these bags.

I thought until recently that Mom had made these. But now on closer inspection, I can tell they were purchased.

I carry on the tradition now and almost always get my son and husband a pair of pajamas for Christmas.   (I don't know where the bag with my name is now.)

But now I need to get or make one now for our daughter-in-law! I wonder what she will think of my getting her pajamas for Christmas!

Well, this isn't exactly what Jenn intended I'm sure for Throwback Thursday, but it got me thinking and I thought I would share.  Please go to her site to see her wonderful Christmas tree quilt with fabulous border that reminds me of Christmas lights!

For the record though, here is my first finished quilt!  It's the farthest back I can throw!

It's not my first quilt top completed, but the first one I finished! I'm sure I had dreams of giving to to my son for Christmas...

Project Started 1992 - finished November 2009
For the rest of the story:

Thanks for sharing this throw back Thursday set of Christmas memories with me.

: )


  1. Your reminiscing is just what Throwback Thursday is all about. Quilts aren't just pieces of fabric, they're experiences, memories, stories that we can wrap ourselves up in or hang on a wall. And thanks to your post, I'll be making some pj bags for my little ones. Christmas pjs are a tradition we hope to build in the coming years. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hopped on over from Throwback Thursday! I love the trip down memory lane, it has me thinking back to Christmases past and all the fun traditions we had. I love the pajama bag idea! Whenever little ones come into our life, I'll have to start that! :)

    1. : )
      I've been looking for directions on how to make bag. Think I'm going to try a zipper....

  3. I love this post. I can tell those items from your mom are all the more special now. Her applique and signature are beautiful. And what a fun tradition of having those pj bags. I think it's neat that you're continuing it with your daughter-in-law--I bet it will mean a lot to her to be included.

    1. Finally found some suitable PJs to be given to DIL by MIL today! Now on to find the zippers to make the pouch for her....

  4. Interesting post. I loved all your Christmas stuff and the memories that go with them.

  5. Your Mom's quilt is so beautiful - love all the different motifs on it. Love those reindeer, but I can see that they wouldn't work so well around young children. Wow you took a long time to make that first quilt!

    1. I think she used a coloring book to get the different designs.
      Had to be careful with the reindeer for a few years...
      I take a long time to finish most things it seems!
      : )
      Thanks for coming by.

  6. This post is full of treasures, I loved reading it. The pajama bags are a wonderful tradition!

    1. Thank you so much for coming by. Trying to get my nerve up to try to make new pajama bag... : )


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