Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sew 15 Minutes a Day

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Tuesday - April 17 - No sewing.  Spent the day with my son and mom and finishing up tax stuff.  Went to Beverly's to get tulle needed for SewCalGal.

Wednesday - April 18 - about 1.5 hours FMQing my big star quilt

Thursday - April 19 - About 2 hours FMQing my big star quilt

Friday - April 20 - About 2 hours FMQing my big star quilt  Went thru a few boxes - my DH did too - we put some in trash and some by the front entry to donate.

Saturday April 21 - Attended quilt workshop.  Made a little mug rug to practice sharp stipplng and making binding.

Sunday April 22 - No Sewing.  I did cut pieces to make squares for FMQAYGQAL.  I pressed the material I will use for the binding of the big star - but did not cut it.  Went thru several boxes in garage and sorted to trash, donate, and moved a few things into rooms.

Monday April 23 - Sewed four more squares for the FMQAYGQAL project.  I may end up with an extra row to my project!  Got the pieces ready so they are sandwiched and ready for me to outline the square (something done to all before the design pattern is quilted.  I did one square but it was too late and didn't come out a close to the seam as I prefer so decided to stop.....

Energy: I think I have the pollen allergy under control now.  I have cut back on my outside walking - and take a pill whenever my throat just starts to feel scratchy or I am congested. That mostly then nips it in the bud and it doesn't zap my energy as much.  Of course there are other things to do that.  This week the assisted living place for my mom told me - when I went to pick her up for her class Tuesday - that she had fallen out of chair the previous weekend.  Non of it made sense as she had a seat belt to be used in her chair - and has had it for years.  I will never get a straight answer on what really happened, but I discovered that the doctor's order for the belt had not been copied into the current list of prescriptions for her and since the state? county? inspector has been visiting they had tucked the belt away.  Who knows why they didn't mention to me on one of my three times a week visits!  That's pretty zapping of energy....

I still need to figure out how to post the photos from my retreat and class, do the binding of my big star, and work on my LibRR2!  Then for work or home need to finish putting in Nov and Dec info into Quickbooks and get 2012 into the system too! And post my photos on the inspiration site too!


  1. Great week, at least on the sewing front. Hope you get the situation straightened out for your Mom, that is really frustrating. She has to have a prescription for the belt?

    Hope the allergies stay in control. Mine got out of control this week, I think they are just about lined out again.

    1. Thanks for visiting Kate! Yes, when someone is in assisted living have to have doctor's orders for everything! I even have one for them to help her wash her hands before meals - seems common sense but have to spell it out if you really want it on their list of things to do for her. My mom is pretty much blind and can barely hear so she needs a lot of help.... We have the seat belt so she won't get up on her own (and fall down). She forgets that she can't walk on her own now. Glad I live near her so I can see her as often as I do....

      I'm really liking this keeping track of sewing each day - of course I can tell I'll start keeping track (maybe) of other things too!


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