Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sew 15 Minutes a Day

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Wednesday - April 4 - Not feeling well again.  Tried one of the patterns from Laura FMQQAYGQAL but had the problem with the thread spinning around and leaving extra thread in the piece and then shredding.

Thursday - April 5 - Not feeling well again.  Sore throat - no fever.  In evening did more filling in of the Leah Day Project whole cloth - just have the outside section to go then I'm on track for this week's lesson on blocking and binding!  Called doctor to see I should come in, the nurse left a message to make an appointment - that probably I have infection.  I hope they will do a blood lab to confirm before giving me antibiotics.  I can see from my mom what happens when someone takes a lot of antibiotics.

Friday - April 6 - Feeling awful - very stuffy nose and coughing.  I have doctor appointment tomorrow.  I wanted to finish the whole cloth so I did - I could not get down to microstippling - the mini size looks okay most of the time.  I was so tired of the thread shredding - this size made it so it didn't shred - had many breaks though - but not as much as before so that was good.

Saturday - April 7 - Went to doctor's got prescriptions for allergic reaction to our extra high pollen count - didn't sew today.

Sunday - April 8 - Didn't sew - felt well enough that I cleaned the house! Feels good to feel well.  In the evening I practiced the gear FMQ block for Laura - it didn't turn out well so glad I practiced on scrap sandwich!

Monday - April 9 - Didn't sew or do much or anything - well in the evening I ate, ate, ate.  I didn't feel well so slept or moped around most of the day... Remembered to pay the property taxes (due tomorrow) - they reminded on the news.  I thought I had put that in my repeating calendar - but at least it's done now!

Tuesday - April 10 - Carefully did block 16 for Laura's FMQQAYGQAL - no thread or needle breaks!  I like the way it looks!


  1. considering how you've been feeling you didn't do too badly.
    glad to hear that you now know what the problem is and have the proper medications to feel some relief.


    1. Thank you - I think the pollen count must be lower too as not needed to take as much medication now!

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling well last week. Hopefully you have the pollen issue under control for the moment. You did a lot last week, especially since you weren't feeling very well.

    1. I think it is now - the meds really helped. The weather must have changed too as not needing as many pills - or maybe the medication builds up. I should look that up. I really like having a list of what work I've done for the week - thanks for arranging this!


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