Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 17 and 18

Directions for blocks 17 and 18 (Row 5 blocks 1&2)

The theme is feathers.....

Block 17: Laura's Echo Feather

Row 5 Block 1 Front
Row 5 Block 1 Back

This block has a single spine - the feathers are free formed.

I started my making the curved spine and the loop at the end.

Then I moved down the spine and created the side of the feather that was away from the loop first, curved and hit the side of the loop, hit the spine, went down beyond where the feather and did it all again.

When I reached the bottom I went back up the spine and did the same on the other side.  This was a good way to make the design.

When done with both sides I went back and added two toppers to each of the feathers, then I did the echoing. I like everything except the echoing - that part is too loopy so doesn't really add anything to the design. But I didn't know what to do instead so I gave it a try.

Block 18: Feathers in a Circle

Row 5 - Block 2 - Front
The directions were clear, but I messed up.  I drew actually three circles on the block as it seemed Laura was suggesting she would do that next time. "More guidelines required next time."  But maybe she meant something else.

Row 5 - Block 2 - Back
I think I drew the center circle too small as my feathers got all smooched and started looking like a stiff fingers.

I added tips to the feathers in the hope of making them stand out.....

Putting the design in a circle makes it very dramatic!

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  1. Hm, what did I mean, more guidelines required? I think I meant cos I got my inner bits uneven... It's really hard to get this one even. It maybe needs fully drawing first but I am lazy. I like your first one especially :) Funny how they all come out so differently isn't it! I could play with feathers forever!
    Did you work out what the enclosure links do? I'm in awe of your linking!

    1. Thank you for coming by Laura! I'm really enjoying working on your quilt a long! Feathers are very fun and yes they do come out differently each time. Haven't figured the enclosure link or the make link option or whatever it's called - maybe this month I'll figure it out though!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for coming by - I've enjoyed visiting your blog too!


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