Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Expense: Tulle

I purchased 1/2 yard of Fine mesh tulle fabric - from Beverly's.

The lady gave me the senior discount so I saved all of ten cents.

I had brought in my Jo-Ann's booklet with the coupons but it seems you have to really ask in order to get that discount.  (I wasn't sure if they always accepted the coupons so just held the booklet in my hand so the lady would see it - that wasn't enough to start the discussion of honoring their discounts. Oh well.)   The store is located near where I may be having lunch with my son so guess I'll be using Beverly's for supplies now!

97 cents including tax.

(I got this so I could do the SewCalGal challenge for April, but just last month we did marking in the Leah Day Quilt Along Wednesday Free Motion Quilting and I have to say I really liked taping the design and fabric to the window - and then tracing.  This SewCalGal method would be great when you have a quilt in progress and decide you want to add a special motif that needs to be traced.)

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