Saturday, April 14, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 19 & 20 Updated

Directions for blocks 19 and 20 (Row 5 blocks 3&4)

The theme is flowers.....  Leah made a special video for Laura's FMQAYGQAL - what a treat!  The video was easy to follow, and the designs are for beginners too!

Block 19: Leah's Sun Flower
Leah's Sun Flower Front
Leah's Sun Flower Back

I may have made the center circle a bit too large, but the petals were nice to sew and I don't think the thread broke at all!

I did stop pretty much after each petal was added.

I was a little afraid to have too much thread build up, but that didn't happen at all - in fact would be nice to have more in the center section of the design.

I haven't compared this to the video, but do like the way it looks.

Block 20: Leah's Flame Flower
I suspect this design will be easy to do, I have run out of thread so need to get more before I proceed....

Leah's Flame Flower - Back
Leah's Flame Flower - Front
 Okay I was pretty lucky - was able to find a store with the same color thread and even though it's not the same dye lot I can't tell the difference in this block!  The inner circle and first part of the filling to that is in the original spool.  And when I filled the bobbin, I forgot and left the new spool on for the top (I have some of the old thread - just not enough for a bobbin and to sew on the top.).

The pattern was easy to do - I need to practice drawing flames - but this design is forgiving so it just looks like petals - pretty good thing to have on a flower!


  1. I love how some of it stands out because of the tracing the same line - it looks so good. Well done you!


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