Saturday, April 14, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Linky 5 - Updated

Directions for Row 5 Blocks 1&2: Laura's Feathers
Directions for Row 5 Blocks 3&4: Leah's Sun and Flame Flower
Directions for Row 4 Catch Up: Helen's geometric spirals or Michelle's fireballs
Linky 5 - Backs

Linky 5 - Fronts
I ran out of thread before I could finish the flame flower.  I'm putting in a block I did of stippling in it's place until I get more thread...!

The row 4 catch-up block is included in the photo too.

I've written more on each design as I finished it up - click on FMQAYGQAL to those entries....
Hosted here

I'm linking to Laura's site where the Quilt A Long is being hosted. (I'm #4.) By going to that site you'll be able to see the way the other followers have interpreted the designs (and their comments on sewing them!)

At the end of the FMQAYGQAL we will have 24 blocks - once you prepare the quilt sandwiches it really doesn't take very long to do the blocks - so do jump in!

Laura is also going to be showing different ways to connect the blocks into one quilt - she knows some way to do it where we somehow use the unquilted borders of each block!  My Plan B is to use the new thread for the four remaining blocks and to place them in the corners....

Update 4-16-12 10:30pm:  I found limabean thread and did the Flame Flower design on a block!  The color matches well so can just continue with the original plan!  So I have 21 blocks done for this project!


  1. Oh, it looks grand! It's going to be a great quilt. I'm off to look at your individual blocks now. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting - it's such fun to see the different ways people are doing your quilt a long!


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