Saturday, April 14, 2012

Out of Limabean Thread...

Incredibly, I have finished the spool of Isacord Polyestor Thread - Limabean #5833 A1971 ET 40 1000m that I have been using for the FMQAYGQAL and for some of the Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesdays on the Free Motion Project.

I have to find more thread tomorrow before I can continue on these FMQing projects! I remember where I got this thread and just have my fingers crossed that they still have the same color - and wouldn't it been a dream if they had the same dye lot too?  If not there are several close by places I can drop by to see if they have it....

And I'm going to go back to that fire sale LQS next week and see if I can two more spools of each of the other colors I recently purchased there.  I really thought one spool would be enough for a smallest project like I'm working on now, but I was wrong.  I think I should always get three spools of different colors.....  But perhaps I should adopt a color and just use that all the time!

The first thread I got for FMQing was Superior Red thread - still have a bunch of that left even though I have done more FMQing with it.  I like the way this thread stands out by being a little thick on the fabric and the great bright color.

For piecing I was usually using the beige thread my mom left for me -  I have spools and spools of that stuff - it all works great although I can't see the brand or any codes for color, etc.  I also have lots of Gutermann thread from her too - I test it before using it.

When I was looking up the name of the thread color I discovered there are two sizes of spools: 1000m and 5000m.  I'm not sure why Leah uses the smaller size..... Perhaps I will get one of those thread holder that Leah shows in her videos sometimes if I come across one tomorrow when getting thread.

Anyway, my projects using limabean thread are on hold until I get more!

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