Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tips: Getting Parts Ready: 4-Patch

Four Patches
Chagrined after my misstep yesterday with the spikes, I used fewer fabrics this morning while creating my 4-patches.

I cut 4 inch squares - then sewed up two opposite sites, then cut in half, pressed, changed direction of one of the pieces of fabric, and sewed the final seam.  This is a variation of the Billie Lauder method.  This method is genius!

I first picked a black and a purple, the I picked white and turquoise, and because I had a few left over I made some in black and white too.  I really like the black and white!

It makes a very nice design when they are all lined up.

Think I will make some with green in them too.  Maybe green and purple?  I'm not sure.
When I was sewing I tried to sew in the same order - but doing the final pressing I can see I was not consistent after all.  I wonder if it will make a difference?

There is a way to make the center seam flatter by cutting a few stitches and then pressing to spread the fabric out - perhaps someone in the class can demo to me.

It's much easier to work with the 4-inch squares rather than working with 2 inch strips.  The finished size will be one inch less than the starting unsewn size (so my 4 inch squares will be 3 inches in a quilt.  If I had started with 5 inch squares it would be 4 inches in a quilt.).

I think when I do start to precut my fabric, I will do 4 inch strips even though that is not a number I have seen in different people who cut fabric when they get it....

Only need to cut one time per
4-patch to finish these up!
Added later same day:

I decided to pick a different turquoise and to add a green for the next 4-patches.  I consulted with A on the color - it looks better in person I think - but now that they are sewn I think I should have picked a darker or brighter green.

Two turquoise 4-patches
I made these follow more of Billie Lauder's steps (after yesterday I didn't go scrappy).  First I sewed two squares together by placing them good sides together, then sewing up two opposite sides.  Cut them in half so the long seam in in the center.  Alternating colors, place the short sides together and sew together (that's what in the photo).  Make  circle of the fabric.  Determine the center point and cut - then continue to do that until all the 4-patches are sewn!

I didn't pick the right colors (again) but think I have enough 4-patches, so will move on to make something else from the list of homework for the Marston/Moran workshop:

  1. Making “Parts” in advance.  You will see in their book that they used, black and white Sawtooth, Wild Goose Chase, Four Patch and Nine Patch blocks for fillers, borders and sashing.  They also used Strata in a number of quilts.  You can make a bunch of these parts before you come to class if you want.
    1. Sawtooth: made with 2” squares or 3”squares cut diagonally
    2. Wild Goose Chase: made with 2 ½ x 4 ½ rectangles and 2 ½ squares
    3. Four Patch: Strip pieced with 2” wide strips
    4. Nine Patch: Strip pieced with 1 ½ wide strips
    5. Strata: Cut long strips of fabric between 1 ½ and 2 ½ wide and sew together to make new fabric which will be cut up in different ways.  Make a new fabric 45” wide and about 25” long.

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