Monday, February 6, 2012

Preparing More Sandwiches

I prepared 12 more sandwiches to use for the FMQAUGQAL, the Free Motion Quilting Challenge and Quilt Along Wednesdays.  Pulled out two more fabrics with the same colors (they both have dots) so now I have twelve different fabrics for the borders around the blocks - and seven prints for the back.

I considered doing some piecing for the back of the sandwiches, then realized I need to get started with making pieces for the Marston/Moran workshop I will be attending the end of this month.  I goofed and should have been cutting strips off the fabric I have been washing and folding so I have them ready to sew parts....  Oh well.  One step forward, two steps back...  (So the back of these are either the same plain beige or a print).  When I sew I'm only looking at the back sides to see if they have beige or pattern - and I'm alternating which ones I pick.

Time has sped by - incredible that it's already one week into February!

I want to do one more practice for Quilt Along Wednesday and more for the feather practice for the FMQC...

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