Friday, February 17, 2012

Tips: Getting Ready: HST

Half Square Triangles (HST)

Missouri Star Way
Missouri Star Video
Easy to do even with smaller sized squares....

  1. Put two squares good side facing each other.
  2. Sew around all four sides with a 1/4 inch seam.
  3. Cut the square at the diagonal.
Creates 4 HST - the outside edges are on bias.
5 inch square give 3 inch unfinished HST. (Probably will need to trim to exact size.)

"Whip Up" Blog Post with different measurements.

HST by other attendee
Pinwheels by other attendee
The other attendee used the Missouri star method and made a lot of pinwheels - she started with 9 in squares.  Told me she is going to try to make some more starting with 6 inch squares.  I'm not sure what method she used for her excellent HST!  Aren't her colors beautiful? She has all the pieces trimmed up so nicely too.

Lucy in the Sky - Quilting Board Way
Lucy in the Sky - Quilting Board Directions
This way requires marking - still just have four seams - but there are 8 cutting lines....
  1. Put two squares good side facing each other.
  2. Draw both diagonals on the lighter fabric.  (I also drew the 4 sewing lines.)
  3. Sew 1/4 inch on either side of each diagonal.
  4. Carefully cut the block into four so you see four squares (in the diagram it's the lines that extend out of the square.
  5. Then cut the original diagonal in each of the resulting squares.
Creates 8 HST - the outside edges are on the straight edge of the fabric.
5 inch square gives 2 inch unfinished HST.  (For sure will need to trim to exact size.)

Left Over from Geese Way

Left over made squares and cut apart goose
When making geese the traditional way you can stitch the left over triangles to get HST - they are a little too small but by using a smaller seam I think it would work to get sizes that would fit with other pieces.

I also experimented with just cutting geese in half and then sizing up the results to get HST - seems like a lot of work though - but if the geese weren't going to be used or if they didn't turn out the expected size this would be a good thing to do....

Added 3-15-12:

QuiltingBoard - Rhonda's Really Easy Half Square Triangle Blocks

Basically, cut your strips.  Sew together.  Then use template placed on the sew and cut.  She shows two different ways to do it on the  web.  For one way she sews the strips into a tube and alternates where she cuts cut (fewer cuts but she now prefers pressing the seam open, cutting, then going back and sewing long sides together and cutting again.) There is very little wasted fabric as she uses the four large bits to sew together and make an hour glass block. For five 2.5" inch blocks she sews two 2.5" x 11" strips together.

Formula for HST - from QuiltingBoard

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