Sunday, February 5, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 7 and 8

Directions for Blocks 7 and 8 (AKA Row 2 Blocks 3 & 4)


Block 7: Spiral Illusion

I hadn't done this Leah Day design before as it is the 204th design and I haven't gotten that far in the Free Motion Quilting Project - but Laura suggested we do it this week so I gave it a try.   The video was clear.  I drew the pattern out then got my block under the needle.  I knew starting the second part of the design might make it have an odd center, so when I got there I tried to make it a little symmetrical....  But by starting it where I did the pattern was not in the center - and it ended up being a rectangle shape.

But I did a pretty good job of keeping the lines straight, so I'm pleased with it. I think I would do this in two passes next time though, then the second box could be totally symmetrical.....

This is one of the first blocks I prepared - the walking foot wasn't set up correctly and there are puckers that I had hoped would settle down.  Hopefully once it's all together the puckers will not stand out....

Block 8: Pointy Paisley

I watched the video - it seemed clear.  I watched the regular paisley design too and then went back to the pointy version.  I drew a few on a scrap of paper and then went to the machine.

This is not an easy design for me to sew.  I really wanted the points to be pointy, but it was the in between places that really stood out.  I went back after I finished the block and added some additional lines to fill in the holes.  Now that it is done, it looks pretty good - but it wasn't a fun design to sew.

A triangle design that I really like to do is Trippy Triangles.  I've done that in both my Wonky Shoo Fly and the Liberated Round Robin.

Ah, and I used a 1/4 inch foot for block 7 so I can't take credit for the straight lines....

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