Saturday, February 18, 2012

Expense: Petite Presser

Petite Presser Portable Iron
JoAnn's sent me am email today with a coupon - I took a peek and they had a smaller iron on sale (so it's  a reasonable $19) with extra discount and tax the out the door price was $19.56.

The regular price is $39.99 so this is a real deal.  I think it will be nice to have at the workshop - we are to bring iron and pressing pad for our own area.  I was a little afraid of burning myself with my regular iron...  Anyway the price is good and the reviews were all positive too.  People like this one better than the Clover presser....

Regular Price $39.99
On sale price $19.99
Additional 10% off -2.00
Subtotal $17.99
Taxes $1.12 + .27 + .18 (who knew we had state, county and local taxes on things! Not me!)
New total $19.56

Added 3-8-12:  I never needed to use this at the Marston/Moran workshop - there were enough regular sized irons and ironing boards (and the electricity might have over loaded if we plugged in our personal irons so we were asked to not do that).  This little presser has never been used, but I can't return it as it's out of the packing....  Oh well.

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