Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tips: Getting Parts Ready: 9-Patch

Method Video:  Billie Lauder Basic Nine Patch - Two at a Time!

Having had success with Billie Lauder's method for 4-patches, I decided to do her method to make my 9-patches.  With this method you make 2 blocks with the same cuts.  By preparing several squares at the same time, the fabric could be swapped out so it's more scrappy looking....
4-patch and 9-patch made with Billie Lauder method!
  1. Cut two squares of fabric Color A and Color B - make it easy and pick a measurement easily divided by three.  (For example 6 inches, 4.5 inches, 9 inches).
  2. Place them right sides together, and then sew up two opposite sides.
  3. Without cutting the seams you just sew, cut the fabric in to thirds.
  4. Sew the loose piece of fabric to a sewn side so you have one set with the color A, B, A and one with color B, A, B. 
  5. Press toward the dark fabric.
  6. Place fabric right sides together - line up to match the seams and sew up two opposite sides of the block.
  7. Press toward the dark fabric.
  8. Cut into thirds, add the loose pieces.
  9. Press toward the dark fabric.
I made mine starting with blocks that were 4.5 inches square.  I did in black and white so I wouldn't have to think about color.

I couldn't decide what colors to make the next set of 9-patches in so I cut some 4 inch white fabric and sewed my 2 inch strips (cut into 4 inches) on the sides.  Cut that in half so the seams were not cut, then sewed short end to short end in a ring.  Measured to cut one in half - then used that one as the cutting line for the rest of the 4-patches.  This was a fun way to use those pieces of fabric and to end up with some randomly colored 4-patches.  These were some of the fabric used in the spikes parts.  The dark green looks out of place - but I really like the other colors - these will be great additions to a quilt.  I even like the way in this quick layout there is extra white (or black) to make a random triangle.....

Both blocks (at least in theory) are the same size! They will finish in a quilt as 3-inches.

My husband is very curious to see what I come back with from the Marston/Moran workshop.  He says he can't picture it at all....!  (Neither can I!  I'm wishing I knew someone in the class and that we could be collaborating during the workshop - that would add so much to the learning experience!)

I think I'll do more 9-patches after I get some sawtooth and wild geese prepared...

From Homework for the Marston/Moran workshop:

  1. Making “Parts” in advance.  You will see in their book that they used, black and white Sawtooth, Wild Goose Chase, Four Patch and Nine Patch blocks for fillers, borders and sashing.  They also used Strata in a number of quilts.  You can make a bunch of these parts before you come to class if you want.
    1. Sawtooth: made with 2” squares or 3”squares cut diagonally
    2. Wild Goose Chase: made with 2 ½ x 4 ½ rectangles and 2 ½ squares
    3. Four Patch: Strip pieced with 2” wide strips
    4. Nine Patch: Strip pieced with 1 ½ wide strips
    5. Strata: Cut long strips of fabric between 1 ½ and 2 ½ wide and sew together to make new fabric which will be cut up in different ways.  Make a new fabric 45” wide and about 25” long.

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