Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 1 and 2

Directions for 1 and 2
Block 1 - Front

Block One - Loop the Loop

Her directions are done in a graphic movie - shows up very nicely.

Block 1 - Back
I got caught at the beginning so had to end it and start over.  No needles broken.  This design is similar to they way I understood Leah's Henna Floofy - one of the first designs.  Laura has it going in a more flowing way so I like it better.

Block Two - Flowers - very similar to the way I did Leah's Dresden Daisies - except fewer petals and not in a row.  I sort of started the vine by making the shapes we are working on for Leah's Wednesday project - but then just moved to fill in the block space.  I did this all in one pass I only paused one or two times!

Block 2 - Front

Block 2 - Back
These were both supposed to be done in one week.  Quite doable - the secret is having the blocks prepared!

Now on to continue with getting caught up!

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