Thursday, January 26, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 5 and 6

Directions for Blocks 5 and 6  (AKA Row 2 Blocks 1 & 2)

Block 5 - Stippled square/ Pattern of Intersecting Boxes

Block 5 - Front

Block 5 - Back
Laura was inspired by a post she saw by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson and this week it's the design to do for block 5.

I watched the video, drew on paper and practiced on my Leah Day practice piece - then just to be sure I confused myself I enlarged and examined the image on the original post.  I drew it out again and decided to stick with the way it's described in the challenge.

Now that I have put the block on the plain fabric, I understand her comments a bit more.  I also have stitches that are too long really - and there are parts that are way more densely stitched than the others.

I traveled to get the needle in different places and that really shows up a lot. There were some weird holes in the fabric that I didn't notice before and I tried to stitch to cover them up, but was not completely successful.  There is one major line that is not even close to being parallel.

But even so, I am pleased with the design.  It will be a nice addition to my other blocks for this project.


Block 6 - Lighting Bolts

Block 6 - Drawing Practice
 Hmm - I listened and watched the video - drew it out a few times (this is my best one).  Decided I could do it.  My plan was to have the design go down and then go up again.  I guess I don't really know what lightening bolts look like...

As I was sewing, I remembered when I was sewing the Leah Day Flame Key design and how I decided I just didn't know what a flame looked like...
Block 6 - Back

At the end of that post I put a lot of links to help me learn the outline of a flame.  I looked for help with lightning bolts, but seems I have that down - it's the getting it on the block that I messed up on....

Block 6 - Front
Oh well.  If you flip mine on the side, it sort of looks like a reflecting water design. (If you squint!)

My husband says he sees the tide coming in, going out.  That sounds nice.

One thing that I am really pleased with is my little stack of blocks all ready to quilt for this project and for the SewCalGal challenge.  I even used one to practice the stippling that Leah was having us practice!

I'll need to make some more, but I have two more already waiting for me.  I may change the back for the next batch and do some piecing.  I'm thinking of putting some uneven borders around some charms so they are randomly in different spots on the back....

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