Friday, January 27, 2012

Library Books...

I really lucked out at the library!  Liberated Quiltmaking and several other books were on the shelf waiting for me when I went to renew my library card.

I used the online system to request the remaining books.

I have them for three whole weeks!

It's been a while since I looked at these, they already mean more to me than the first time I skimmed them.

I probably won't do anything with the Quilter's Ark book - that will be fun to refer to when and if I continue making my animal blocks.  I really wanted to do them with regular piecing not paper pieced, but some of these animals are cute.

The Show Me How to Machine Quilt book isn't as instructional as I had hoped it would be.

Still want to go thru all the pages in the books though....

Last Spring when we were in Denver I visited the library and had wonderful time going thru their quilt books - they were very unique - and in the bookstore we visited to 'kill time' before the airport I was astonished at the variety of books that I had never seen before.  I sort of remember taking photos of the covers so I would remember the books...  wonder where those photos went?  Oh also I remember the Palm Springs library had some very good books on quilting and creativity.  There was one where in one of the sidebars the author sort of quoted a study or research paper where an art teacher had two classes that were graded in two ways.  For one class the grade was based mainly on one final project.  In the other the students were given many projects to complete.  At the end of the class the students who had many projects produced better final projects than the class where they had more time to concentrate on the final project.  The bottom line was that frequent hands on practice was better than having more time.


  1. Woot to the Gwen books. Enjoy Liberated Strings. It's my favourite.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog - I hope to get to the Strings book tomorrow...

  2. I love quilt books. Sadly our library doesn't have many, but I have a weakness for buying one or two about every quarter. If I don't use them much, I sell them back. Is that a sign of addiction?

    You should really have some fun with these books!!!

    1. Super that you can sell them back! Fun to get new ideas - that's not an addiction - it's just fun! Somehow even with all this content on the web, the printed page turns out to be best - at least some of the time! : Thanks for visiting!


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