Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 3 and 4 (and Row One Summary)

Directions: Blocks 3 and 4

Block 3: Leah's Basic Spiral

Block 3 - Front
Block 3 - Back
Even though this is from Day 5 of the project, I had not done this -  it's coded as an Beginner / Intermediate. With the additional note: The spirals themselves are not difficult once you get the hang of them, it's the areas around the spirals that are tricky.

In the video Leah suggests to not stack the spirals - so I thought I'd do different sizes to get a handle on that - but now as I see the block photo I just see stacks...  I know that when I was sewing I was moving around a lot so they were not sewn in stacks - just ended up that way.

There is one corner where I didn't fake the spiral very well - looks more like a fan or a standing worm.  As with all the designs, this is something to revisit and practice some more!

Block 4:  Variation on Leah's Sunflower
Laura asks us to only fill part of the block with the flower and to add more spirals coming between the petals to fill the rest of the space.

Block 4 - Front
Block 4 - Back
I ran out of bobbin shortly after starting this block so had to refill that.  I decided I liked having some plain parts of the block, but can add more swirls later if needed.

Blog post on Blocks 1 & 2

I am now up to date with this challenge!

Here are summary photos for Row 1: Rounded designs

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 1-4 - Front

FMQAYGQAL - Blocks 1-4 Back
As a reminder, these are all part of the:
Free Motion
Quilt as You Go
Quilt A Long

At the end of the project we will have 24 quilted blocks - she is going to give suggestions for how to get the blocks together so we end up with a quilt.

I have two quilts that I started doing as QAYG projects, but I still have them in sections - there is more to quilt in both of them.  I'm hoping this challenge will make it so I'm better able to do the bed sized quilts - and hope this will be nice enough for me to give to He&Ka...

Laura says she will keep the guidelines up for this FMQAYGQAL so you can join in anytime!

I'm coding all my entries on this with FMQAYGAL - so clicking on this link will show all the related posts. (Most recent will appear first.)


  1. These blocks are all lovely. I like your free motion spiral flower. Your basic spiral block is wonderful. It is really quite challenging to keep the spiral shape consistent and cover the quilting space evenly. Again your stitches are small and consistent. Good thread tension, I see no loops or eyelashes. Very well done.

    1. Tammy - Thank you very much for your nice comments and for visiting my blog!

      : )


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