Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Free Motion Quilting Project: Week #1 Follow-up

My smaller practice at stippling.
The Free Motion Quilting Project: Follow-up Comments

I did the full half yard of practice but decided I needed to work a bit more on the concept of what stippling looks like - so I drew the pattern out again - on the front and back of the paper - then got out one of my smaller blocks and sewed the design.  My interpretation of the design.  I still can't see why Leah and others say this is the most used design in FMQing - but I think I got it - well sort of got it....

I wrote more about the larger, original practice piece earlier today in this post.

With my head down, I now have to admit that I need to practice this more - even if I don't like it all that much - I need to practice.  So I'm glad I did this little piece.

This is pretty much the same size of stitching I've been doing for FMQing.  I really have to look at more finished quilts - Leah says that usually people do it at the 3 inch size where I think I did this more on the 1/4 inch size!  Good thing I have arranged for some resting areas in my quilts so not everything is quilted this densely!  (Of course I don't know how Laura will have us finish up our blocks for her project....)

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