Sunday, January 8, 2012

BlockLotto - January 2012 - Eclipse

Here is my first January 2012 Blocklotto block.

Directions are here:

Examples are here:

The templates are sized for a 9.5 unfinished block.  Template C is really what is cut out of the larger 9.5 inch square.  Luckily the way I had place the template on my fabric and cut things (starting with C and then cutting B and A) I saw that before officially messing up!

Sophie found and picked out the block, Kristin resized the templates so we really didn't have to think when cutting things out.

The angle in this photo is odd - but shows where the seams are.  The background in the strip is mainly pink and does a nice job of picking up the background and supporting colors in the bigger pieces of fabric.  I will try to sew at least a few more later in the month but wanted to post at least one so I get the sneak peek for the next month's block.

All the blocks this year are going to be 9.5 unfinished, so in theory someone could easily make themselves a sampler quilt..... nice idea.

I made another block just to be sure everything lined up correctly!  I used the same light pink for the rings.  The directions say we can repeat fabric up to three times (in up to nine blocks) but have to have different combinations of fabric.

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