Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Windmill: Initial Quilting

I have finished the initial quilting of the purple and black Cultural Fusion windmill quilt.

This is the quilt I spray basted last month.

It was extremely easy to quilt this project, so right now I'm thinking it might be worth it to set up a table so I can spray baste future projects myself. I will decide after washing the project.

My friend who helped me had suggested just quilting by sewing a line thru the fans, and then to call it done.  That would finish the quilt, but I want to do more quilting.  I think more in this case would be better!

I decided to start by stitching to outline the blades of each fan.  The outsides follow the fabric seams, the inside of each fan has stitching that usually waves over to meet the blade that is below it in the fan.  I will be adding more designs either in the blades or the part of each block that is not a blade, or maybe in both areas I'm not sure of how I will continue this quilting.  I'm mostly pleased with how this initial stitching looks.

11:42 - 1:00 Tues - sewed 8 lines and filled a bobbin
3:52 - 5:00 Tues - sewed 14 lines and ripped one part of a blade that wasn't done correctly. only had three lines left to do!
12:00 - 12:55 Wed/Today- filled bobbin, sewed the last three lines and redid the blade that hadn't been sewn correctly.
3 hours and 21 minutes

Here is the initial quilting:

Detail of the center of a fan.  Curved the line
so it lined up with the bottom fan blade.
At the outer edges of each fan blade I followed the shape of the blade.

And here is another outer sides of the blades.

Here is another center of a fan.

Here a view of the back - it's easier to see the quilting without the different fabrics. The lint from the carpet makes the black fabric look grey!

The center of a fan.

Showing the outer blades. You can see how each time I
 turned to create the X to jump from one fan to another.

Another example of outer blades.

Here was my problem though.  The outline of the blade is part of the design.  When I put the binding on, that design will be lost as it is right where the edge of the binding will be.  I should have done this stitching so it was half inch from the outside, so the design would show when the binding is applied. I am going to add an additional line of stitching on the outer blades so the design will show when I apply the binding. I can do that when I add the additional design to the piece.  I'm not going to pick the existing stitching out as I made the size of the stitches as small as possible on my machine at each ending and beginning of quilting, but will learn from this experience so I don't repeat this in another project!  I wondered about it when I was quilting, but didn't think it thru until I was done.  Oh well.  A lesson learned.  Writing it up here to help someone else!  : )


  1. Can you just add some stitching 1/2 inch in along the binding? I've done the same thing about not planning how the quilting will look next to the binding. I like the way you went from one fan blade to the next. Very clever.

    1. Hmm good idea. I'll wait until after I apply the binding and then will add the stitching - that's what you mean, right? Anyway, I think it's a good plan. Makes me feel better that someone else had this problem too! Thanks for coming by and sharing! : )

  2. The quilting on the fan blades looks great June.


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