Monday, March 28, 2016

Cozy Quilts FMQing Month Three: Swirls

Front - click for even more detail
I wasn't able to attend the Cozy Quilt demo this month, but did get the assignment.  Swirls!

I found a few sites with examples:

Paula Storm's idea was especially helpful.  Adding additional loops by traveling on line that is hit and going around to finish the swirl makes it look very nice.

The way I did it, the swirls remind me of Latin American art somehow.  I did not like doing these swirls, but they do look pretty nice as long as you look at the big picture not the individual swirls.  I'm not sure if it was the swirl making or the lightness of the fabric I'm practicing on that made it a little un-fun to sew.  

I used a new sewing machine for this, and to add the four leaf clovers to the windmill yesterday.

Last summer my husband gifted me a new Brother sewing machine, and with my tension problems with the Backgammon pillow and needed decorative stitching I finally opened the box.

Since my Mother's Kenmore is still making loops on the bottom I decided to figure out how to set this new Brother up for the final FMQing. The area where I can put the quilt is very small but I was able to do the quilting I wanted.  So I'm happy.
This machine has a needle down feature that is wonderful.  And I can set the speed too.  The slow is very slow, and makes it easy to do travel stitching when I was patient.  The fast is super fast, much faster than my Kenmore.  In some places that was a good option to have too.  

It's the space between the needle and the machine part that is the downfall.  It would be much better to have more space to put more fabric in there!


The Cozy Quilt FMQing group meets next Sunday, so it's good I finished the assignment!


  1. Nice job on that! I need to watch the video to see where the connections are. You did just a great job that I can't see how you went from one to the next.

    1. Thanks Marti! The Paula Storm one was really helpful for doing the connections. : )


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