Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

I was delighted when our Daughter-in-law suggested we get together and go out for a Easter Brunch this year.  She was craving mimosas!

We met at Karl Strauss Brewery.  A beautiful setting for a really nice brunch.  There were tables and tables of different types of food.  My favorite was the end of a prime rib with horseradish and whipped cream.  There was also blackened salmon, omelette and pasta stations, waffles, shrimp, bagels, salads, roast turkey, pancakes, sausages, bacon, potatoes, vegetables.  Everything I had was yummy!  They had special kind of beer-mosa that I just had a taste of, (but next time I will order that instead of the traditional).  It is a mixture of beer and then champagne and orange juice.  The beer added a depth of flavor that was really nice. We had an early reservation so it was not crowded and on top of the food made for a very nice time together.

Missing from my photos: her terrific shoes, purse and how cute the dress she is wearing is!
Maybe, eventually, some of this great style will rub off on me!
With my weight loss I am close to wearing the same size apparently, but my jeans and tennis shoes have no style at all.
Last week I gave them some candy.  I know he likes marshmallow Peeps, and I hope she will like the candy covered malted milk balls I found.  They were formed in the shape of eggs so I thought they might be fun to eat. When I was a kid, malted milk balls were my favorite.  My mom would give me a quarter and I would get from the lady in the basement at Sears.  I felt so grown up.  My husband likes Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but we still have lower goals for our weight so this year skipped getting those for him to nibble on. I've got a whole year to meet my weight goal and to think about what my next year's Easter candy treat will be - if anything.  I think the real treat is the excuse to get together!

I hope you all have a nice visit with family too on this day.  Sending good thoughts to you!

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