Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Thursday Club Annual Rummage Sale

In San Diego, there is an organization that raises money for Balboa Park and other organizations. The Thursday Club.  Their website says they have raised over $2 million dollars!

A beautiful day - people were lined up in this part of Balboa Park.
It was fun to see the kids running in the grass
in the center.  And to see the line getting even longer behind us!
They have an annual rummage sale, that is the largest in the county.  This was our first time going to the event, but I already know I want to make attendance something I do each year!

There were tons of people in line waiting for the opening.  Everyone got a card with a number, and we were admitting in that order.

Lots of kitchen items.  We got some wine glasses and a bowl to put fruit in on the counter.

I saw this sign right away, the photo does not show all the interesting items they had for sale.

Bolts of Moda and other known brands.  If only I knew what I could do with it all!

This is what I ended up getting from the arts and crafts section of the event.
 2 new pillow forms($2 each),
1 bag of poly-fill ($2),
five trays to put projects in ($1), and
5 yards of Andover fabric $4 each (1 green, 4 black).
$27 for it all!

So this was a nice break from bookkeeping, but since returning home we have only managed to watch TV, so have to get back to work now!

Maybe I will be able to help out at the event another time, but this time it was a really nice way to spend the morning.  My husband got a new office chair, some colored glass beads to put in the bottom of a flower pot, a cook book, a belt and a few ties, and a deck of cards.


  1. Wow! Great stuff at that sale. Good thing I don't live anywhere near there, wherever it is.

    1. San Diego California! Not only the fabric but lots of other thing too. I wasn't prepared with what to look for, next year will I hope be easier. Maybe I'll even be able to clean up and donate ahead of time too! Thanks for coming by!

  2. Wow - bolts of fabric at a sale! This does look like one worthy of going to annually. It looks like they organized it very well so you can find what you are looking for.

    1. It was fun to see, I need a shopping list so I can do targeting buying when I see things on sale! Yep, I'll be back! Thanks for coming by!


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