Thursday, March 3, 2016

RSC16: March Purple with a Dash of Yellow, My March OMG, and Cake Thoughts

I was really trying to stick with bookkeeping and organizing, but before going to bed I gave in and made my RSC16 block for March.  It's purple with a dash of yellow.  I decided to leave it a little larger than 12.5 inches square this month, just in case.... 
Everyone is doing the RSC16 in a different way.  Some people are very organized and are making multiple blocks that are the same or different pattern each month.  I've followed the blog since the the first year, but this is the first time I'm jumping in...  I'm only using scraps that I have from previous projects or fabric I had cut into strips when I thought that was a good idea. And I'm just making a 12.5 inch square piece of fabric!

Even though I'm trying to stick with bookkeeping this week, I've spent a lot of time reading quilting blogs and downloading the March BOMs and project files for all my dream projects, so of course I knew what the RSC16 color for March was almost as soon as she posted it!

For my March OMG I have decide to free motion quilt the project I put together and basted last month.  Cultural Fusion Windmills.  (I will save putting the binding on until I have at least three quilts ready for binding.) 

Here is the quilt as it looks now after the recent spray basting:
Really if it weren't for these online challenges or pushes I think I'd just be reading blogs.  They are really motivating for me!  Click to see what projects folks will be working on!

On Wednesdays I've been having lunch with our son.  

Tomorrow is his 28th birthday. We are supposed to meet to make a cake, have dinner and go to Star Wars this weekend!  

(I'm not sure if that will happen really as today he called to postpone lunch as he is ill with a fever and cough.)

But before that call, I had put together a little stack of cookbooks to bring for him to select a recipe while we had our lunch, plus I found a recipe card my mom had written out for me! 

 She wrote a note that it was Xtra Good, so for sure it's worth a try even though I don't think I remember this cake. Boy, I remember her lemon meringue pie though! She would make it for baby and wedding showers, using a cupcake cake pan for the crusts. She would also make a grasshopper pie (creme de menthe) that was pretty tasty too. I do remember a few times she made meringue drops that were eaten like cookies.  She experimented with adding chocolate chips and strawberries.  That was a fun experiment to eat!


  • What kind of cake do you have for your birthday? Is it the same every year, or does it change? Do different people in your family have the same cake each year or is it different?  In our family I have burnt almond cake. My husband has newly adopted a Swedish summer strawberry cake with lemon curd for his birthday (it used to be a lemon bundt cake that I would buy with lemon sherbet), and we this year discovered a wonderful corn meal cake that we are now going to continue to make for our Thanksgivings.  Now we need to find a special cake, made only once a year, for our son and DIL's birthdays!
  • What recipes do you make that your mother made?  Care to share?
  • What are your family rituals?  For example, we have Christmas pajama bags that are filled pretty much every year with new pajamas... 

Grate on the Pier.
In the middle of February we went to the Santa Monica Pier.  I took these photos of designs while there.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sidewalk on the way to the Santa Monica Pier.


  1. Hi June,
    I insist on a birthday cake as present each year but am not very particular about which one (only that it is well made of course =) My sister usually obliges me =)

    Other than that we have no food rituals in our family apart from colouring boiled eggs for Easter.

    I like the picture of the grate on the pier. If you are thinking about making it, check this post by 'Mad Mim'. the technique she used for her pillow should work for this design too.

    1. Fun to get different cakes each year - and from your sister too! That's really special! We have very few rituals, guess I'm feeling the need to develop some now!
      The grate at the pier was pretty, thanks for the link. It's good that it's in the comments so I won't misplace it when the time comes!
      : )

  2. Great yellow and purple block. I really like that color combination. I actually prefer to have a variety instead of the same cake every year, so I can try out new things. In our family, the person making the cake decides what kind they want to make, based on what they know about the recipient's diet, likes and dislikes.

    1. When I was growing up I always had a different cake. At some point my mom would buy a cake and got to thinking that was more special than making it, but I've always thought a home made cake was best - at least most of the time! Yes, it is good to let the cake maker do the thinking and deciding too.
      Yellow and purple do go well together don't they? I think I will start to save those colors for a future project!
      Thanks for coming by!

  3. I love the purple orange peel quilt. It will be so exciting to see it finished.

    1. Thanks for coming by. This was an easy quilt top to put together following the directions in the Cultural Fusion book. I still haven't done any quilting on this yet. I had to switch from fun to getting paperwork compiled for the taxes to be prepared. But I hope to get it quilted still before the end of the month. We'll see.... : )

  4. Happy Birthday to your son. I hope he was feeling well enough to do it justice!

    In my family we have a traditional birthday cake that has been made for every birthday ever since my uncle passed along the recipe 15-20 years ago. Before then, it was whatever the birthday person requested but we all started requesting this cake, so a tradition was born. The cake is a meringue-ish chocolate/hazelnut cake that is rolled up with a whipped cream & peach filling.

    1. Oh my gosh, that cake sounds wonderful! It would be such a special cake! I've not made any rollup cake before. I wonder if everyone in the family can make it now, or if just a few prepare the treat for the others.
      Thanks for coming by.
      Ended up son wasn't that into a cake so none has been made. We have only gone out to restaurant for dinner, not even anything here. Well, at least for my birthday they know what I would like!
      : )


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