Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dinner at the Beach

We went to the beach to visit friends.  Took a walk down to the ocean, went to farmer's market, had drinks while watching the sunset (I saw the green flash! for the first time!), made dinner, ate and chatted.

Very nice way to spend the afternoon and evening.

My end photo does not show how pretty the meal really was unless you click to see the enlargement. 

She oven roasted the vegetables, keeping them separate while they cooked and once they were on the table.  She served with a lovely sauce made with basil, garlic, oil, and other great, fresh tastes.  

For the salmon I have a photo of her below first patting in flour, then egg, and then pressing into chopped pistachios.  The recipe she used came from here:  I think the concept would be good to also with with other nuts and other fish or meats or even a firm tofu.

It was really a beautiful and tasty meal.

So much fun to walk by the ocean.  There were people taking a yoga class on the cliff - the sign said it was free but I was chatting so missed the details.

Anyway, it was a nice Wednesday evening. Click to see enlarged images.

For dessert we had fresh strawberries with whipped cream - and yummy cookies that we bought at the farmer's market.

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