Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cozy Quilts FMQing Month Four: Stippling and Pebbles

At Cozy Quilt Shop for month 4 the FMQing group was given two designs to sew as homework.
Stippling and Pebbles.

My version of stippling looks more angular than the way it was drawn on the assignment, but I think it still is stippling.  I like the way things went together. 

To me pebbles isn't an all over design, so I first started by sewing a box, and then filled that in.



Then I decided to play with different ways to use pebbles in a project.  Larger (quarter sized) scale and putting in a row around another design.


In the end, my pebbles practice piece looks like this:

I didn't watch any videos before doing these designs. I found out that Cozy Quilts is a Bernina store, and the store owner, Daniella, is getting her inspiration from Amanda Murphy

At least one person in the class likes taking iCraft classes (but I can't find that online so must be I wrote that down incorrectly), they like Sue Rasmussen and Eleanor Burns (a local), and that Lori Kennedy is hosting the inbox jaunt mystery QAL on Tuesdays.  (most of the people in the class were not familiar with what a QAL was!).  When I just checked it looked like this QAL is over, but the clues are still posted.

Daniella recommended the Bohin marking pen and Hobbs Premium 80/20.  Some of the people use two battings for projects then the designs stand out more.

So I'm done with the fourth month assignment, but the links mentioned will provide lots of information and inspiration!


  1. I've heard an angled version called stippling/meandering (depending on size). I've seen it in right angles and triangles as well as curves. I like your version with rounded corners and the way you echo as you move along.

    1. Thank you - I will do again with ore rounded shapes so it looks more like the challenge...! : )


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