Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Break from Bookkeeping

Both my husband and I are tired of the bookkeeping.  We work on different parts in parallel, just passing information to the other when we are 'done'.  But then we check and see that it's not done.  Every year it's a learning experience, but as complicated as it has become I'm glad I have the previous experiences so it's doable.

We took a break Saturday and went to campus to install some film on a window in his office so the students would not be peeking in at him while he was working.

Here he is playing at being a student peeking in.

And here what it will look like once the film is up.

I didn't realize what we were going to do on campus so
didn't bring any straight edges.  We measured by using a
folded piece of paper, made ink marks as sort of a dot to
dot guide for the scissors.
His new office is lovely now.
This table was my grandparents, it's over 100 years old.

He uses the large screen for on-line meetings with students who are sometimes around the world.

An award, and poster from a conference in Portugal.

The metal bookcases that I lust after!  They are so sturdy, shelves
are adjustable and they almost reach the ceiling.

When we were leaving a lizard came down the same stairs.  After doing
push ups to scare me, he froze trying to hide and disappear. But I used
that time as a chance to immortalize him.

We grilled and split a delicious dinner. Swordfish, broccoli and cauliflower and little potatoes.


  1. The office looks very nice and so does the dinner.

    1. Thanks for coming by Lisa! He has spent a bunch of time working on this office. It's new to him -after being in the other one (at the same university though) for over 25 years!


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