Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mermaid Bed, Quilt Missing the Mark, Oranges and....

My husband and I are working on end of the year bookkeeping, but took a neighborhood walk as a break in the morning.

There was a yard sale with this massive mermaid bed that I had to share...  Made of brass I think!

Then getting back to quilting, here are some blocks I made with fabric I got from my local Quilts for Kids chapter - I thought they would look wonderful.

But I'm not happy with the way they appear now....

You'll laugh, but my inspiration was this blog post, with such a pretty quilt project being started.  I already had the strips cut from QFK and just sort of remembered the quilt in the blog.  I will put this aside for a while until inspiration comes on what to do!

I have more strips for three of the fabrics (green, light green and tan), but do not have much left of the black flowered fabric. Each block is 13.5 inches so for one QFK quilt I do not need to make another row, just some sashing or border and it would be large enough.

But it's so serious looking now. 

Suggestions are welcome.

I pulled my orange scraps for my RSC16 orange with black or brown accents block, but since we have not finished the bookkeeping don't feel like I should sew yet....

I have an idea for what my OMG will be, but that also will need to wait I think until this bookkeeping is complete.   : )


  1. Hi there! After you nice comment on my Stash Bee post I had to look at your blog! Down the rabbit hole I went to blog reading heaven. The mermaid bed!! How awesome is that??? Wouldn't it be fun in a garden, with lots of pillows for afternoon dreaming, or night star gazing? Since you asked for ideas on your cross blocks... here is an idea I borrowed from Gwen Marston. Turn the blocks at a slight twist, and trim an angle off of each so the crosses are moving.then how about a bright sashing, maybe some chartreuse green to make the neutrals sing??? And lastly, Orange, orange, love orange.

    1. Thank you so much for coming by! What fun that you clicked to find me after I left a comment!

      What a wonderful picture - to have the mermaid bed out in the open with pillow to enjoy the stars!

      I like the idea of add bright sashing to those mainly green cross blocks. : ) Wonky would be good, but I want to avoid on-point with these as already someone here thought they looked a little like swastika symbols...

  2. Oh gosh, what a fun photo shoot that bed would make! ! would want to make a quilt just for the event!
    I have orange strips out, on my table too:)

    1. Hadn't even thought of that, but of course it would have been wonderful for a photo shoot with a beautiful quilt. Thanks for coming by Heidi - you are always so encouraging. I'll look to see what you end up making with orange!

  3. I thought for a moment that you were taking that bed home! It would look so great with a blue and green water-themed quilt on it :-)

    I like the QFK blocks. Maybe pick out the pink or blue from the big floral and sash the blocks with that? It would really make those colors pop and shine in the floral.

    I also really like Jane's idea of cutting them a little "wonky" to add some movement. But sometimes you just gotta put it away for a while and let it simmer. Why work on something that vexes you when there are so many other fabrics and designs that demand your brain's full attention!

    1. That bed was something - glad I got to see it - and to share the photo! Would be great top with a water themed or colored quilt. You sure are right!

      I think I will put those blocks aside for a little bit, but think the different colored sashing will help brighten it up - and a little wonky without being on-point would make it more casual.

      Yes, I will put this one aside for now so I can keep going on other projects.

      Thank you for coming by!


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