Wednesday, April 6, 2016

RSC16: April Orange with accent of black or brown - Curved Seams
I snuck in some sewing!

Here is my orange rainbow scrap challenge block for April!  It's difficult to see, but there is a curved seam in this block!

1.  After pretty randomly sewing some of the fabric together I was presented with a challenge - getting two uneven seams to match and be flat.  I didn't want to lose all the fabric so decided to make a curved seam.

2.  I saw I was going to lose some of those little pieces so I sewed a new piece of fabric (with white dots) to the side.  I arranged the fabric the way I wanted it to end up, over lapping the fabrics.

3. Without moving the fabric, I used a rotary cutter. Here I have pulled the two pieces apart.  The fabric just needs to overlap enough so when the two pieces are cut the seam is smooth.
4.  I wanted the seams in the common fabric to match so to be sure that I pinned and sewed the seam in two passes.  (Both times starting where the seams would match up.)

  • Orange with white polka dots and the white background with the orange dots and design I got in Mexico.
  • Light orange with purple bubbles -purchased when I was making clothes for our son.  I had the reverse fabric (purple with orange bubbles) and know he wore that in some pants with a white shirt that he fabric painted. His kindergarten school had the kids wear different colors each day of the week, but I didn't know this until school started.  I had to get orange and purple for him as they were missing from his closet!
  • Butterflies and white leaf and flower dots - purchased with my now DIL for a terrific block lotto block.
  • The orange with the little red circles - for one of my first quilts (that still is not finished) - Tulips for my Aunt June


  1. AWESOME job on the Crumb block AND the curved seam!!

    1. Thank you for coming by - and for organizing the monthly rainbow scrap challenges! Has been good to have a reason to use my scraps! : )


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